Boutique offer


Some of my paintings are still available for sale, perfect for those who search for expressing their attention, positive thoughts towards others. And of course, creating a great pleasure.

Or maybe you think about offering yourself a piece of art?

Each of my paintings is unique, like you! (see below the selection of my paintings for sale, more proposal in Gallery)

If you have a special wish, do not hesitate to contact me: I can paint special for you or for other persons you wish to spoil.

Additionally, I am specialist in painting on big surfaces. You can also order a painting made directly on the wall at your /other places (see below).

Workshops and lessons of Japanese ink painting

How about giving to somebody a great opportunity to develop one's creativity? Or simply to yourself?

As a gift I offer diverse vouchers for the sumi-e workshops or private lessons.

Sumi-e Materials

Do you need materials?

I offer you various brushes, ink, paper, paper for mounting, paper boards (Shikishi, Tanzaku) and  postcards. I would be happy to advise you!

Design at your place

If you think about a new design or refreshment of your home, office or another interior, I can decorate it with an elegant painting in Japanese or European style. There is a big variety of themes. Moreover, you can bring your own idea you have in mind.

I am looking forward to projects which transform spaces into interesting, impressive or simply beautiful and relaxing areas.

Project 2020: Magnolien/ Magnolia flowers

Exceptional artworks

Are you looking for a completely original work of art?

The traditional antique folding screens from Japan, which are covered with 18 carat gold, are an exceptional piece of art. 

Benefit from this extraordinary offer: I will paint for you on the old golden folding screen according to your wish! If you are interested, please use the contact form.

Kimonos from my collection

Additionally, in the Kimono' Boutique you will find some beautiful Japanese vintage cloths. 

My artworks

I am looking forward to offer you the best of my services and the current art collection!