Sumie - Philosophy in black and white according

to the ancient tradition

Sumi-e means "drawing with black ink on paper" and it comes originally from China. This technique uses modest means and tries more to suggest as to clearly express a specific meaning.

The Sumi-e painting requires a strong self-control and, at the same time,  a lot of naturalness and spontaneity. It is an art of meditation and internal development. In fact, the path for a goal is much more important than the goal itself. It is a continuous quest for inner harmony.


January 2020: Special Award of Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs  for 3 paintings and the promotion of Japanese culture and ink painting  abroad.  

(International Exhibition Art for All, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan)



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The international online contest April 2021.

Here we are...the final result of the international online contest - exhibition Tsunami 11.03.2011.

I am so happy to show you this amazing variety of works painted for this event in the whole world. How different, how rich in ideas and inspiring. So many people made their best to present together this interesting sumi-e portfolio. Thank you very much for your participation!

I hope, next time some of you will join us too, to create such a valuable artistic exchange. Next exhibition - contest will follow soon:).

Presentation of results